Knife Addicts Anonymous

Here at Blade HQ, we’re starting a knife addiction group to help many cope with their habits. You can find our support groups at Blade Show 2017, along with our informational pamphlet being shipped with a select number of orders. If you feel that you may be a knife addict and aren’t able to make it to Blade Show, follow the guide below to start receiving the help you deserve.

The Knife Addicts 3 Step Program

Do you flip open your knives repeatedly even when there’s nothing to use them on? Do you have trouble sleeping at night while waiting for a knife shipment? Do you find yourself saying “one more couldn’t hurt” every time you click that buy button?

You may be suffering from a knife addiction. Truth is, knife addictions affect hundreds of thousands of people in the United States every year. It is becoming an epidemic, but Blade HQ is here to help.

Knife addictions are not currently curable, but can become manageable with treatment. Follow these three steps to begin your road to a better life:

  1. Accept– The second you admit you have an addiction is the moment you take control. Say to yourself in the mirror, “I have an addiction and I’m not ashamed.”
  2. Embrace – Embracing your addiction will help you come to terms with your needs. Anybody that tells you otherwise hasn’t seen an unused blade cut for the first time.
  3. Collect – Collect on and never look back. This means go ahead and purchase that Benchmade you’ve got your eyes on. New sprint run from Spyderco? Indulge yourself. They only make those limited editions once.

At Blade HQ, we understand the conflicting feelings you have. If you need assistance in the process, talk to our expert staff. They know what you’re going through because they’re addicts themselves. By following the easy three step program, they’ve gotten their lives back on track and have set out to help any lost knife addicts along the way.

Here’s to the new you. May you be as happy as you were when you got your first knife.

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