Benchmade Knives in the Movies

Benchmade is well known for its solid, high-quality products. Even those who aren’t knifeaholics know that the brand deserves respect and that those who carry a Benchmade have good taste.

Here at Blade HQ, we get excited when we recognize specific knife brands and models in movies and TV episodes, so today we’re taking a look some Benchmades that have been featured on the big screen.

This isn’t an exhaustive list—mostly because I couldn’t find pictures of every Benchmade in the movies—so feel free to add snap shots of any Benchmades you’ve spotted down in the comments section.


Burn NoticeBenchmade 3300 Infidel

Burn Notice


HeistBenchmade 9100 Auto Stryker 

heist3 heist4 heist5 heist7 heist8



I Am Legend 9100 Benchmade Auto Stryker



24Benchmade Mini Reflex




24Benchmade 9100 Auto Stryker

autostryker autostryker2



Law and Order : Special Victims UnitBenchmade Griptilian





Kick-Ass – Benchmade 42 Bali-Song




That’s it for this week. Have an awesome weekend, and check back next week for more knife content for your knife brain!



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  1. What about Predators (the most recent of the bunch)I thought I saw a Nimravus on his shoulder strap. And also in the Expendables 2 isn’t Statham using the little daggers to throw?

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