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It’s time for another Blade HQ infographic! If you missed the others we’ve done, you have to check them out; we’ve got infographics on blade shapes, types of knives, and knife locking mechanisms. For me, knife types and blade shapes were pretty easy to learn, but blade grinds took a little longer. If you’re in the same boat, this infographic will help you get blade grinds nailed down or at the very least give you a reference when you need a quick refresher or want to help a friend understand blade grinds. Enjoy!

Blade GrindsBlade Grinds

HollowGrindHollow Grind –Bevels are ground to form a concave radius. The bevels can span either the full width of the blade or just a portion of it.



FullSaberGrindFlat Saber Grind – Flat bevels begin near the center of the blade and continue to the cutting edge.




Full Flat Grind – Flat bevels begin at the spine and continue all the way to the blade’s edge.



ConvexConvex Grind – Ground to form bevels that have a convex radius. Some refer to this type of grind as an “Appleseed” or “Moran” grind, as well.




Zero Grind Saber – Very similar to a flat saber grind, but it doesn’t have a secondary bevel that creates the cutting edge. Rather, the continuing plane of the bevel creates the cutting edge. This type of grind is also referred to as a “Scandinavian” or “Scandi” grind for short.


ChiselGrindChisel Grind – Ground only on one side of the blade. The grind can be flat or hollow.



Related Terms

Here are a few blade terms you might see floating around that are good to be familiar with.

False Edge: a sharpened portion of the spine located near the tip of the blade.

Swedge: an unsharpened portion of the spine located near the tip of the blade.

Saber: signifies that the blade has a primary bevel that begins near the center of the blade and continues to the edge of the blade.


Which of the blade grinds above is your favorite?

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