High-Quality Knife Brands from China


Made in China. For many people in the knife industry, those words are synonymous with inexpensive, low-quality knockoffs and fakes. Concerns about authenticity of materials, labor conditions, and questionable business practices have created a stigma about Chinese made knives that has lasted for decades. Many avid knife enthusiasts choose to stay away from Chinese made knives entirely to avoid the issues completely.

However, it’s no secret that in China things are changing. New manufacturing processes are developing, labor conditions are improving, and Chinese knife brands are beginning to import high-quality materials from the United States, Japan, and Europe. This has created a new set of Chinese knife brands that are ready to change the knife industry by offering quality, value and affordable price. These brands are Kizer, Reate, and Stedemon. If you don’t know them yet, then here is your introduction.


Kizer Knives have been around for a few years, and recently they are making a name for themselves by collaborating with respected US knifemakers. Many of these knives use imported S35VN stainless steel from the USA. They also feature cool designs and quality craftsmanship. Just take a look at the exquisite work on their knife handles and you get a sense of their excellent attention to detail.

Kizer Ki4431 Folding Knife

Kizer Ki401C2 Folding Knife

Kizer Dorado Ki455A2 Folding Knife (Matt Cucchiara Design)

Kizer Dorado

Here is a video overview of more Kizer Knives:

Reate Knives

Reate was started by a knife enthusiast in China. He combined his love for knives with innovative machinery to bring something new to the knife industry. One thing that stands out about these knives is how smooth they open with the flipper mechanism. Each knife has a ball bearing pivot system and features US made S35VN stainless steel.

Reate District 9 D9-B Folding Knife 

Reate Hills Folding Knife

Reate Horizon C Folding Knife

For more information about Reate Knives, check out this video:

Stedemon Knife Company

Stedemon is the newest knife company on this list. Their designs are just starting to come to the US. First impressions have been overwhelmingly positive. The knife opens extremely smoothly with a ceramic ball-bearing system. This particular knife also has a Todd Begg ceramic ball pocket clip.

Stedemon Bastion Folding Knife

Here is a video with close-ups of this knife:


  1. I have found several quality knives made in China, at prices much more agreeable than those charged online for “name American” knives. The prices charged for many of the American knives, such as Spyderco, are ridiculous, considering that many of their knives are made in Taiwan or Japan. Don’t get me wrong here. I especially love the Japan-made knives from Seki City, usually with VG-10 steel. The problem is that the knife companies make a big deal about being American companies. I’m trying to cut WAY back on my knife expenditures (I’m a steel snob, freely admitted), and have found a number of really nice Chinese alternatives. I have purchases several of Two Sun’s knives and found them to be very well made, great fit and finish. Plus they have charming names on the blades, like “Night Morning Design.”

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