Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner!  Have you gotten your gift for mom yet?  Please tell me you weren’t just going to stop at the grocery store and grab a thing of flowers!?  Come on, dear old mom deserves so much better.  Get her something she will love, something practical, something she will use, get her something from BladeHQ.  Knives aren’t just a man’s game anymore.    More and more woman are carrying knives, why not add mom to that elite group of awesome ladies.  So we have a couple suggestions that hopefully help out.


First off we have the Piranha Mini Predator.  This is an awesome little automatic, great for carry in a purse or pocketbook.  This knife is just as tough as its bigger counterpart, just more compact. This knife is great in any color, but the pink design helps keep it feminine.piranha-m-predator-pink-tactical-plain-jm-large

Next we have the Hinderer Modular Kubaton Pen.   This tactical pen is just as useful as it is awesome.  When she isn’t using it to break windows, mom can use the piece as a writing utensil.  She can even use it to write a letter to the rest of your siblings, telling them how much she loved your gift, and how you are now, and always will be, her favorite child because of the awesome mother’s day present.


Maybe you are a Dad, looking for something for the kids to give to your wife.  While hand drawn pictures, and “World’s best mom” mugs are cute, why not give her something she can do with the kids?  Something like the Klecker Knives Trigger Knife Kit!  This is an awesome kit the kids can use to “make” a knife for mom.  While all the other moms are talking about the homemade handprint plates, your lucky mom can whip out a handmade knife!  Pink isn’t the only option either, you can mix and match moms favorite colors, add stickers, even paint.  The dull, rounded edges make it safe for kids ages 7 and up.



These are just a few ideas we have to really give your mom something she will remember.  Nothing says “I love you mom” like giving her something she will use every day.

What do you plan on giving mom this Mother’s Day?  Is it something from BladeHQ?  Let us know what knife you plan on surprising mom with this year!

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