New Knives from SHOT Show 2014 part III

That’s right; we have even more knives to show you. And this isn’t even all of it. All of us over here at Blade HQ have been working tirelessly to get all of this SHOT Show content up for you, and it’s going to be pretty busy over here for the next week or so, too. This will be my last SHOT post this time around, but be sure to check out our YouTube channel, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media accounts for more SHOT content.

Here are more blades for you to take a look at—this list doesn’t cover every knife from every manufacturer, but it does cover quite a lot. Below you’ll find 2014 stuff from ESEE, Brous Blades, Boker, SOG, Buck, Emerson, DPx Gear, Ka-Bar, and Protech (listed in no particular order).






The ESEE-CM6 is a Terrill Hoffman design. The knife has a sharpened swedge for enhanced penetration and a Micarta handle for secure gripping. It also has a 1095 steel 5.88-inch blade with a textured powder coating, and it comes to 11.13 inches overall.


ESEE Camp-Lore CL1


The ESEE Camp-Lore has a 3.5-inch, 1095 steel blade with a scandi grind. The knife totals 8.125 inches in length and it also features Micarta handles.


Brous Blades

Brous Blades Bionic Flipper


The Bionic Flipper combines a lot of functionality into a compact size. These lightweight blades have aluminum handles, so they come to 2.50 oz. They utilize the Brous Blades proprietary ball bearing pivot system, which gives the knives smooth, solid action. Something unique about these Brous knives is that they come in a variety of colors—there’s even a pink handle in the mix. All the blades on the different models have D2 steel and a hollow grind, but there is one that features an acid-washed blade, and one other that has a black Cerakote finish.

Here are the other colors and finishes available:

brous-blades-bionic-flipper-satin-red brous-blades-bionic-flipper-satin-orange








brous-blades-bionic-flipper-satin-grey brous-blades-bionic-flipper-satin-green brous-blades-bionic-flipper-satin-bluebrous-blades-bionic-flipper-black-black brous-blades-bionic-flipper-black-acid-stonewash





Protech Rockeye


The Protech Rockeye fixed blade is an adaptation of Les George’s custom design. The knife is 8.5 inches long overall, and has a 4-inch blade. The knife features G-10 handles and comes with a nylon sheath. The Rockeye is available with a few different handle colors and Cerakote finishes. Take a look:

protech-rockeye-fixed-black-grey-lg301 protech-rockeye-fixed-black-black-lg302 protech-rockeye-fixed-black-zombie-splash-lg303 protech-rockeye-fixed-black-green-lg304




(This is only a partial list of the new knives from Boker.)

Boker Plus Griploc

boker-griploc-01bo042 boker-griploc-01bo043










The Boker Plus Griploc features a new and exciting design from Grant and Gavin Hawk. The knife has a handle that is made up of several parts, and it will hold the blade open as long as you’re holding and putting pressure on it. This is made possible by the unique lever arm mechanism. However, you can also keep the blade open permanently by sliding over the safety lock at the end of the handle. To close the blade, release the pressure you’re putting on the handle (or slide the safety back in place). The Griploc has a 3.5-inch blade, a reversible tip-up pocket clip, and an aluminum handle with a stainless steel frame. Available with a satin plain or black plain blade.


Boker Arctos XL Anso 


The Arctos XL Anso is a Jens Anso design. The handle is made from blasted canvas Micarta, and it provides good gripping. This knife also features an N690BO stainless steel blade, titanium frame, liner lock, and a a 3.5-inch hollow, stonewashed blade.


Boker Plus Exskelibur II 


This Exskelibur series has been very popular, so Boker made a new, smaller version of the Exskelibur. This updated version is a collaborative custom design from Mike Skellern and Fred Burger and it has a stainless Damascus blade, ebony wood handle scales, blue anodized titanium liners, a sturdy liner lock, titanium pocket clip, and a 2.75-inch, hollow-ground blade.


Boker Plus Collection 2014 Fixed Blade


This collection item is designed by Dennis Friedly, a well-known custom knife maker from Wyoming. The knife features a massive double handguard, a canvas Micarta handle, and a 7.5-inch, 440C clip-point blade. Comes with a wooden collector’s box and a high quality leather sheath.


Boker Plus Bulldog 


The Boker Bulldog is a Tom Krein design. It is an ideal knife for taking outdoors, on a hunting trip, or even everyday carry. This fixed blade features a clip-point blade with a hollow grind and G-10 scales, and the blade is 3.54 inches long. Comes with a Kydex sheath and belt clip.


Boker Plus Hunter Killer Fixed Blade



This Boker showcases a design that is very typical of Jerry Hossom’s style; Hossom is known for integrating sweeping lines into his blades. The Hunter Killer has a black Micarta handle, great ergos, a 5.71-inch blade, and a hollow grind. Comes with a high quality leather sheath.




***Information from the SOG website

SOG Zoom (regular satin plain or black plain, and mini satin plain or black plain)


The SOG Zoom is a spring assist that has a safety switch, an anodized aluminum handle, and a deep carry pocket clip. The Zoom is available in a regular (3.60-inch blade) or mini size (3.15-inch blade), and both sizes are available with two blade finishes: satin or a black TiNi.


SOG Flashback Mini (satin plain or black plain)

sog-flashback-sat001-cp sog-flashback-sat002-cp










The Flashback Mini has all the same great traits as the Flashback in a miniature size. It’s one of the fastest spring assists on the market, and it has a wrap-around shell over the glass-reinforced nylon frame. Other features include an integrated safety lock, and a super deep-carry pocket clip.


SOG BladeLight Camp


The BladeLight Camp is a unique fixed blade; it has 6 LEDs built into the handle that are powered by AAA batteries.


SOG BladeLight Hunt


The BladeLight Hunt provides the same features as the BladeLight Camp (6 LEDs), but it is a bit smaller (8.5 inches overall compared to Camp, which is 9.2″ overall). Both have 8Cr13MoV steel and a handle made of FRN.


SOG BladeLight Fillet (6″ and 7.5″)


The BladeLight Fillet also has 6 LEDs built into the handle. Available with a 6-inch or 7.5-inch blade.


SOG BladeLight Tactical


This new SOG has 6 LEDs built into the handle, and the overall length is 9.2″.


Dark Energy Flashlights (120A, 200A, 550A, and 750A)


SOG’s four new “Dark Energy” flashlights range in size from 4.5 to 6.45 inches, and they range in their lumen output from 120 to 750. All have a hardcased black-anodized body.


SOG Boot Camp & Boot Camp Mini


The Boot Camp knives are spring assisted, and they feature a safety lock in addition to a “groove” that allows for cutting cord/belts when it is closed. The Boot Camp totals 8.6″ length while the Mini 7.375″. The larger version is available with a  satin polish clip point, hardcased black clip point, and satin polish drop point. The mini version is also available with a satin polish clip point, hardcased black clip point, and satin polish drop point.


SOG Double Key Tool


The Double Key Tool is a lockback folding knife that looks like normal key to the untrained eye when closed. These tools come to 4″ in length.


SOG Trident Elite


The Trident Elite is an assisted opening knife. It features a safety lock, pocketclip, glass breaker, “groove” for cutting cord/belt when it’s closed, and a straight edge clip-point blade. Available with a satin polished blade or a black TiNi blade.


SOG Exchange


The SOG Exchange is what it sounds like—a knife that has interchangeable blades. The fixed blade has three blades you can switch out: a clip point blade with a gut hook, a double-toothed saw, and a fillet blade.


Kiku Fixed (small satin plain or black plain, and large satin plain and black plain)


The Kiku fixed blade is available in two different sizes. The small version has a 4.9-inch blade, and the large version has a 5.6-inch blade. These blades that are made in partnership with Kiku knives have a satin polish and linen Micarta handles.


SOG RotoHook


The SOG RotoHook is a fixed blade with a rotating gut hook blade cover. The knife features a 4.5-inch, clip-point blade.


SOGfari Bolo Machete


The Sogfari Bolo is a mid-sized machete totaling 18″ in length. It features a bolo-shaped blade with a double-toothed saw on the spine, and the handle is made of Kraton rubber.


SOGfari Cutlass Machete


The SOGfari Cutlass is a little longer than the Bolo (about 18.8″ overall), and it also has a Kraton rubber handle and a double-toothed saw on the spine.


SOGfari Kukri Machete


Another great machete from SOG, the Kukri is 18″ overall and, has the Kraton rubber handle, and a double-toothed saw on the spine.


SOG Elite Entrenching Tool


The Elite Entrenching Tool has a hidden saw and a telescoping handle. The tool is made of 1075 Carbon and totals 26″ when open all the way.


SOG Spirit 


The Spirit is a throwing knife that you can unscrew from the handle and then attach to a standard broom handle to create a full-sized spear. It has FRN handles and totals 10.9″ in length (slightly longer than the 10.65″ Spirit with a spear-point blade).




Buck 030 Splizzors


Buck’s new Splizzors combine the features of scissors and pliers into one product. This multi-purpose fishing tool facilitates cutting the “most high performance braided fishing line on the market” in addition to preparing and removing line and hooks. Other features of this tool include a crimping tool and bottle opener.


Buck 021 Clearwater Bait Knife


This new edition to the USA-made Clearwater fishing series is designed for heavy duty cutting, thanks to the backside serrations and ergonomic handle. The handle features anti-slip ridges to provide safe gripping, and the injection-molded nylon sheath features drainage holes for easy and functional carry. The 021 Bait Knife has a 5-inch blade and comes to 10.5 inches overall.


Buck 830 Marksman 


The Marksman has solid lockup from the Grant & Gavin Hawk locking mechanism that it utilizes. The mechanism is called the “Strong Lock System” (SLS), and it’s among the strongest locks on the market today. The knife also has a ball-bearing pivot, a 3.5-inch blade, 154-CM steel, a hollow grind, and a right-hand, tip-up pocket clip.


Buck 183 Alpha Crosslock


The Alpha Crosslock has two locking blades: a modified spear-point blade and a saw blade with a gut hook. This knife also has an anodized aluminum handle over a stainless steel frame, a 420HC steel blade, and a 4.625-inch-long handle.


Buck 726 Mini SpitFire (gray, orange, and green)

buck-726-min-spit-fire-graybuck-726-min-spit-fire-green buck-726-min-spit-fire-orangeThe Mini SpitFire is a great everyday carry knife because it’s lightweight (2.10 oz.) and has a fairly small size (6.5″ overall and a blade that comes to 2.75″). Other features include a lockback mechanism, 420HC steel, a hollow grind, an anodized aluminum handle, and a four-way reversible pocketclip. The Mini SpitFire comes in three colors: gray, orange, and green.




Emerson Patriot


The Emerson Patriot is an Ernest Emerson design. It is meant to be a tribute to George Washington, America’s founding father, and this is hinted to in the knife’s name. The Patriot features a titanium liner lock, G-10 scales, a 3.90-inch blade, the Emerson Wave Opening feature, and a thumb disc. The Patriot is available with a stonewashed blade and partially serrated edge or a plain edge, and also with a black blade and partially serrated or plain edge.


Emerson Bulldog


The Bulldog is a tough mid-sized knife with a titanium liner lock, G-10 scales, the Emerson Wave Opening feature, a thumb disc, a 3.20-inch blade, and a stonewashed finish. The Bulldog is available with a stonewash finish and a plain edge or a partially serrated edge, and it’s also available with a black finish and a plain or serrated edge.


Emerson ETAK











ETAK stands for Emerson Tactical Assault Knife. The ETAK is a reliable knife that provides hard use for emergency, combat, and utility situations. The ETAK A features a clip point and the ETAK B features a tanto, but both have a 3.9-inch blade made of 154 CM steel.



DPx Gear

(Photos from the DPX Gear Facebook page)

DPx HEAT Folder


The DPx HEAT is a slightly than the HEST (6.14″ overall as opposed to 7.75″). The HEAT features a D2 blade,  G-10 handles, a titanium frame, and the patented RotoBlock adjustment. The HEAT is a collaboration between Lion Steel Knives and Robert Young Pelton of World’s Most Dangerous Places fame.


DPx HIT Skinner


The HIT Skinner has a 2.5-inch blade and is 6.43 inches overall. The blade is CPM S35V-VN steel.


DPx HIT Cutter


The HIT Cutter has a 2-inch blade and an overall length of 5.5 inches. Features CPM S35V-VN steel.



hest 6

The HEST 6 is a hunting knife with a 6-inch blade and an overall length of 11.18 inches. Features CPM S35V-VN steel.




There’s not lots of info out on this knife, but the DPx site says that the HEFT will have a 3.5-inch blade, an overall length of 8.11 inches, a G-10 and Ti 6V 4A1 stonewashed frame, and a D2 MilSpec or stonewashed Niolox blade.



(Images from Ka-Bar’s Facebook page)

Ka-Bar TDI-Hinderer Hellfire


The TDI/Hinderer “Hell Fire” comes to 7-1/4″ overall in length, and it features a blade that comes to  3-9/16″ in length.


Ka-Bar TDI/Hinderer “Hinderance”


The TDI/Hinderer Hinderance features a 3-9/16″ 1095 Cro-Van blade, and it comes to 7-1/4″ long overall. (Has a different blade shape than the “Hinderance”.)


Ka-Bar Parangatang


The Ka-Bar Parangatang is a large blade; it totals 19-5/8″ in length and has a blade that comes to 14-1/8″. The blade is made of 1095 Cro-Van steel and it comes with a tan cordura sheath.


Ka-Bar Wharnstalker


The Wharnstalker is an 8-inch knife with a blade that’s 4-3/32″. Features 440A stainless steel and comes with a brown nylon sheath. (The Wharnstalker is the smaller knife pictured above)


KBD Master Series – Snody Designs

The following three knives are designed by Mike Snody, custom knife maker.

Ka-Bar Snody “Big Boss”


The Snody Big Boss is 9″ overall with a blade that totals 4-9/16″. The blade features S35V stainless steel, and it comes with a JRE leather sheath.


Ka-Bar Snody “Boss”


The Snody Boss is smaller than the Big Boss, and it is 6-9/16″ overall with blade that comes to 3-1/2″. The blade is also made from S35V stainless steel, and the knife comes with a JRE leather sheath.  (Both the Boss and Big Boss are pictured above)


Ka-Bar Snody “Snake Charmer”


The Snody Snake Charmer totals 6-1/2″ in length and features S35V steel and a 2-5/16″ blade.



That’s “all” I’ve got for you guys today. I hope you’ve all found at least one sweet blade to look forward to in 2014.

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