SOG Knives in the Movies

SOG has got a ton of knives in the movies. I included most of the images I found, but you can view a couple more SOG knives in the movies on SOG’s website.

Take a look: 


Seal Revolver

“Battle Star Galactica”



“The Grey”

thegrey1 thegrey2 liam-neeson-in-the-grey-2012-movie-image4


SOG Pentagon

“Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia”

behind enemy lines





“Sugar & Spice”



SOG Tigershark







 SOG Seal Team

“Hawaii Five-0”

hawaii-five-o1 hawaii-five-o2


SOG Twitch XL


picture-2 picture-3 house1


SOG Seal Pup Elite 

“Last Man Standing”

last-man-standing1 last-man-standing2 last-man-standing3


SOG Bowie

“Terminator 2: Judgment Day”

SOGBowie t2-2


SOG Daggert 1 




Well, that’s it for today. Show your knives some love and have a great weekend!

Be sure to check back next Friday for more awesome knife content!






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